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Under the Insurance Act, group funeral policyholders must take out the policy exclusively for the benefit of a beneficiary of the policy. A beneficiary of the policy must be a member of the association, fund, or an employee of the employer, or a person nominated by the member of the policy whom the insurer will pay the benefit to. The member can nominate a natural person or a juristic person such as a trust or legal entity, provided that the juristic person is not the policyholder of the group policy.

The Insurance Act prohibits the payment of group funeral benefits to an employer, association, or fund. Additionally, all the benefits under the policy must be paid directly to the beneficiary of the policy.

For Momentum Corporate to pay benefits directly to beneficiaries, all members with group funeral and Family Protector policies, must complete a beneficiary nomination form. If a member does not complete a beneficiary nomination form, the benefit must be paid into the deceased member’s estate (as per the Insurance Act). The deceased member’s loved ones will then not have immediate access to the funeral benefit and face a lengthy delay in the payout of the benefit.